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Login Instructions
User Accounts

Each NY/NJ Chapter Member has a pre-assigned User Account for events registration, renewal of Chapter dues and payment. The account also grants privliges to access the Members' only area of the site. Chapter Members should use the procedure described below to login to the site using the pre-assigned User Account credentials.

Non-Chapter Members and guests must use the Create User Account link to create a User Account. This account is utilized for events registration and payment as a Non-Member. 

First Time Login Procedure

Login Credentials

The initial login requires the Member’s user  name and default password combination as follows:

User Name:   Member's e-mail address
Password:      fms$2012

Password Change

On the first login the Member will be asked to change the pre-assigned password.

The Member will be asked to complete the following fields:
Current password:    fms$2012
New password:         (Minimum 7 characters, one must be non-alpha-numeric  i.e. … !@#$%^&*
Confirm password:   (Repeat new password)

Password Recovery Question/Answer

The Member will then be asked to supply a Password Recovery Question/Answer shown below. The challenge answer is required to obtain a lost password using the Reset Lost Password link on the login page.

Current Password:   New Password from above
Password Question: Text of question (i.e. Favorite baseball player?)
Password Answer:    Text of answer (i.e. Derek Jeter)
Reset Lost Password Procedure

Use the Reset Lost Password link to reset the password assigned to your User Account. You will be requested to enter your e-mail address on the Reset Password page. You will then be asked to supply the answer to your security question. A new password will then be established for your User Account. The password will sent via e-mail to the e-mail address of your User Account.

After you login using the reset password, first time users will asked to establish a new password of your choosing. You will also be asked to revise your security question and answer. You can also change your password by using the Change Password link on your Member Profile page.